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Research reveals that 60% of US gamers are on mobile

May 13, 2019 | 471 views

Smartphones have become a part of our lives in many ways and have evolved in many ways. Without a doubt one of them concerns the quality of the games we have today, so much so that a recent study has found that 60% of US gamers are on the mobile.

The research in question was conducted by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), and also revealed that the games that most attract the public of the land of Uncle Sam are the casual (Candy Crush and others of the genre). It was also said that the average age of the players is 33 years, and about $ 43.4 billion was spent on content for games in 2018.

The study also found that 65 percent of the US adult population enjoys games, and about half of those who claim to play on a cell phone or tablet also split their time with games for computers and consoles.

Other curiosities

So far we have only spoken of the adult population, but the study also took into account some data concerning children playing under the supervision of parents. In this group we have 90% of fathers and mothers who know exactly the type of content accessed by the little ones, and 57% of this group says they enjoy playing alongside their children.

In addition, 74% of survey respondents pointed out that games can have an educational effect on their children, and 84% claimed to know that games have an indicative rating.