CES 2019 shows that AI and 5G will transform the future

Jan 30, 2019 | 95 views

The last week was marked by the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the world's premier technology event. The four days were attended by 4,500 exhibitors, who presented the latest technological innovations for about 180 thousand people. From global brands to visionary startups, companies leave the world excited with the promise of technology.

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) commented that the CES shows the power of innovation to solve global problems and improve lives around the world. "The passion, ideas and business connections at CES make it the most significant global technology event - and the most inspirational week of the year," he said.

The ETUC brought together the 5G ecosystem - considered the backbone of the future of transport, virtual reality, sports technologies and digital health. "The 5G is going to change everything - it's the promise of so much more than we've seen in wireless technology," said Hans Vestberg, CEO of US carrier Verizon, during a keynote address at the conference.

The event also showed that artificial intelligence will influence every aspect of our lives. The president's keynote address, led by IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, explored how AI will prove that data is the "greatest natural resource in the world," enabling smart city revolutions for healthcare, transportation to robotics. During the talk, executives shared examples of AI and blockchain technology - another strong trend - in their business.

There was also a mobility show with 11 of the world's leading automakers highlighting the future of transportation - including a Bell Helicopter overhead cab and a Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle. The perception is that autonomous technology will save lives, make it more accessible, and improve productivity.


Eureka Park, home to startups at CES, featured more than 1,200 companies from more than 50 countries offering disruptive innovations, attracting investors and major brands. This year, Eureka Park - which launched successful companies such as Ring, Benjilock and LifeFuels - included a competition sponsored by the CTA.

Digital health technologies have also been an important topic, and participants have experienced the latest advances and trends in health. More than 260 physicians and other health professionals attended the Disruptive Innovations in Health Care conference, which offered Continuing Medical Education (EMC) credits at CES for the first time.