Cisco and Microsoft integrate IoT solutions to accelerate edge computing

Mar 09, 2020 | 1221 views

Microsoft and Cisco announced this week an integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud products from the two companies, allowing for more scenarios for the use of cutting-edge computing, a name given to the process that allows data to be processed inside the equipment, without the need to use a computational cloud.

Tony Shakib, IoT Business Acceleration Leader at Microsoft Azure, published a post last Tuesday (3) explaining that the main driver was the benefit that this move would provide to IT and operations professionals who are trying to set up various activities using this technology.

"By enabling Azure IoT with Cisco IoT network device infrastructure, IT and operations teams can quickly take advantage of a wide variety of hardware and an easily scalable telemetry collection of connected assets to start developing IoT applications Azure, "wrote Shakib.

"Our customers can now extend their existing Cisco networks with Azure IoT-ready gateways in a variety of industries and use cases, without compromising the ability to implement data control and security for which Microsoft and Cisco are known," he summarizes.

With this integration, Azure services for the IoT market (namely, Azure IoT Hub Service and Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service) will be able to connect in a simplified way to Edge Intelligente, Cisco software for this market, used to extract and transform data for use with multiple cloud-based services.

In this way, Cisco IoT gateways will use Edge Intelligence to connect to Microsoft solutions, simplifying device provisioning and management at scale.

IT and operations teams will be able to configure telemetry data pipelines on the IoT Hub with industry standard protocols, such as OPC-Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) and Modbus.

Once this data is in the hub, teams can use services like Azure Stream Analytics or Azure Machine Learning to build IoT applications.

Vikas Butaney, vice president of product management for Cisco for IoT, explained during the announcement that companies plan to expand this partnership to other areas.