How has the digital age definitely changed the trajectory of companies?

Sep 27, 2019 | 105 views

The search for digital transformation is already a reality within companies and has become more constant in corporations, regardless of their size and area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. Companies are increasingly seeking access to new technologies as they rethink their business models.

But, how to reach this level efficiently and safely? The first step is to recognize within the company key weaknesses, threats, opportunities as well as key digital priorities. It is also extremely important for professionals to be prepared for these changes and to understand their role within digital corporations.

This digital revolution has forced many companies to adapt to a new organizational culture and infrastructure. When applied well, technology contributes to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase performance. Since the use of appropriate technological tools minimizes errors and increases production quality, thus increasing performance and capacity, and eliminating waste. An example of this is the implementation of chatbots, which can do the work 24 hours a day, optimizing costs with service professionals and minimizing potential errors with the end consumer.

But these changes must be coupled with the transformation of the corporate culture, with leaders and employees engaged and aware of the disruptions the company may face. It is essential for professionals to be open to change in a disruptive scenario, understanding the timing of transformations combined with self-knowledge and constant educational retraining.

Achieving this reality, however, takes time and effort. Traditional companies must be open to disruptive change and understand that improving efficiency requires a change of mindset and the ability to work with increasingly innovative and rapidly changing resources. More than just focusing on IT, it is necessary to provide an environment where change is seen and understood by all departments.