How important is intellectual property for startups?

Mar 02, 2020 | 1153 views

The launch of totally or partially unpublished products and services is the main characteristic of startups. Such companies solve problems in an innovative way and present a different business model from what is already widespread in the market.

Therefore, not only for legal reasons, but also because of the need to protect disruptive creation, the existence of an efficient system of intellectual property is extremely important for startups.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), intellectual property is “the sum of the rights relating to literary, artistic and scientific works, to the interpretations of the performers and to the performances of the performing artists, to phonograms and broadcasting broadcasts, to inventions in all fields of human activity, scientific discoveries, industrial designs and models, industrial, commercial and service brands, as well as commercial firms and trade names, protection against unfair competition and all other rights inherent in the activity intellectual in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic domains ”.

The entrepreneur's concern with the effective protection of his intellectual property appears as a basis for the startup to obtain an important competitive advantage. Obtaining registration of your brand, your product, your service model or your computer program is an example of an intangible asset, which will allow the startup the exclusive use and ownership of the brand or invention; increasing credibility with customers and partners; and protecting your brand / patent from possible misuse.

On the other hand, the excessive delay in providing the due legal protection of the brand or patent can result in the “copying” of the technology, product or brand by competitors. And, if this happens, the legal means to repel the misuse of creation become limited and the startup will lose its main asset: the innovation that was once developed.

In this way, the basic and initial recommendation for any entrepreneur who wants to start a startup is the immediate registration of the brand and the objects necessary for the achievement of the business (product, service or computer program).