Feb 26, 2020 | 32 views

One of the key challenges in the supply chain and logistics is control and visibility. Customers demand this increasingly difficult ability to achieve, with companies subcontracting parts of their supply, with control in the hands of others.

Why is visibility important?

Supply chain visibility has significant advantages for all partners in it. End-to-end visibility is the key to efficient supply chain management. Thanks to it, it is possible to respond quickly to unexpected events. It also allows for dynamic and flexible integration between all players to ensure efficient logistics operations.

What concrete measures can you take to make your operations fully visible and increase the effectiveness of your business?

Label each volume so that you can keep track of the load, the first thing you have to do is label each logistics unit (LU) individually. The LU ID must be unique. Without the labeling of your LU, it is impossible to properly locate and track your shipments. A label can be a barcode or a QR code.

Suggestions of some labels:

-  Harmonized Parcel Label (HPL) issued by CEN, one of the three European standardization organizations.
- The new GS1 logistics label
- It conforms to the HPL label, but may include additional information about the shipped product.
- Select the right logistics service provider

To achieve greater visibility throughout your supply chain, you should choose a willing logistics service provider who has the ability to report the movement of goods as well as their condition. Each LU should be scanned when creating larger logistic units (placing volumes on pallets and pallets in containers) and when loading / unloading for any type of transport (truck, container, plane, ship). This way you will be able to control the entire chain of events.

Automate your processes

Make your internal processes digital and automatic. It will reduce the hours of manual processing and the time your employees spend on operational tasks. By combining technology and people, you can focus 100% on your customers and gain a competitive advantage that will grow your business.

Migrate your logistics to the cloud

To achieve visibility into B2B logistics operations, digital information exchange across all stakeholder systems is crucial. A digital solution that supports proper label printing and digital communication with logistics service providers allows you to always track your deliveries and analyze the cause of any unacceptable diversion. With our digital solution, we can easily connect all your trading partners in the supply chain by simply complementing existing systems.

Establish partnerships

Partnerships are becoming more important in business and this also applies to supply chains. Organizations rely on suppliers and partners to provide services outside the company's vertical logistics. By finding the partner you trust, you can create efficiencies in volume discounts and pricing transparency. It will also improve visibility and awareness throughout the supply chain.

Turn your logistics into a source of competitive advantage.

Supply chain control and visibility is characterized by a situation where you have to plan, manage and have a real-time overview of the status of all your shipments at all of your logistics service providers. With our easy-to-use and deployable SaaS solution, you can have real-time information sharing and event tracking to help you control your logistics and thus keep your customers happy. Additionally, it is possible to create a B2B network for supply chain integration, allowing control and visibility across all 3PLs, shippers and centers in the network.