Microsoft and Novartis Will Use IA to Create New Generation of Medicines

Oct 08, 2019 | 112 views

Getting new drugs to market is a complex process. While initial research, development, testing, clinical trials, and regulatory approval take about 10 years, introducing a single new drug costs businesses an average of $ 2.6 billion.

Thinking of speeding up the invention and availability of new drugs, last Tuesday (1) Microsoft and Novartis announced a partnership. According to information released by the technology giant, the goal is to use artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize research on treatments for diseases that have no known cure.

The discovery of new drugs is based on the analysis of huge amounts of data, which makes AI a very useful tool for the task. According to Novartis, the idea is for its employees to be empowered at all stages of development to use AI for data analysis and to discover new correlations and patterns for the creation of new drugs.

"Putting the power of AI in the hands of Novartis employees will give the company unprecedented opportunities to explore new frontiers of medicine that will produce new life-saving treatments for patients around the world," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

The goal of the collaboration between the two companies is for all areas of Novartis to benefit from the AI ​​system, from researchers assessing the potential of new compounds and dose-setting scientists to clinical trial specialists, operations managers and business teams that need to make more efficient decisions.