Samsung's smart fridge lets you monitor food from your smartphone

Sep 20, 2019 | 103 views

Samsung announced on Tuesday (17) Family Hub, a smart refrigerator equipped with Tizen 4.0, which allows the user to check at any time what is inside the appliance, what is the expiration date of products and, in addition, Create a schedule to know which foods to eat first.

The refrigerator has built-in View Inside cameras for the user to see their contents, the position of each food and the validity, all from the smartphone. Thus, the user can check this information from anywhere, including when in the market, at the time of purchase.

Altogether there are three cameras positioned on the refrigerator door, which make internal records every time it is opened or closed. It is still possible to check a history of changes, which can also be consulted from a distance.

The Family Hub features a 21.5 inch touch screen and Full HD resolution, also displaying its contents. The screen can also be used as a bulletin board, notes, photos and touch writings, as well as displaying the weather forecast, decorative images, among other photos of the user's choice. The new refrigerator can be controlled by the Smart Things app, as well as other smart appliances from the manufacturer.

The Family Hub consumes 65 KW / h, with Inmetro A-seal, has a capacity of 582 liters and comes with 10 years warranty.