The 16 most popular programming languages in the world today

Mar 02, 2020 | 1204 views

With the growing demand for developers in the job market, companies are differentiating candidates for specific skills. With that in mind, Hired released a report showing which programming languages ​​will be most in demand in 2020.

The list includes the languages ​​that are necessary for young professionals who want to enter the market, as well as for experienced developers who want to improve their knowledge.

Although skills needs vary with the evolution of technology, Hired's report shows that the market has remained reasonably consistent for the past two years.

The report listed the 16 most sought after languages ​​from the average number of candidates hired in 2019. They are:

Go (9.2)

Scala (8.5)

Ruby (8.2)

TypeScript (7.9)

Kotlin (7.1)

Objective-C (6.8)

Javascript (6.6)

Swift (6.5)

PHP (6.4)

Java (6.4)

HTML (6.2)

Python (6.1)

C ++ (5.4)

C # (5.4)

C (5.2)

R (3.3)


As can be seen, the report crowned Google's Go as the most sought after language. According to the survey, Go grew last year, with engineers obtaining an average of more than 9 job interviews in two to six weeks.

However, even though Go, Scala and Ruby have made the most of their demands, developers' favorite languages ​​vary between Python, JavaScript and Java, according to the study.