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Cisco presents new solutions for the industrial IoT sector

Mar 12, 2020 | 1297 views

Looking to expand its portfolio of solutions for the use of Internet of Things within industrial operations, Cisco recently introduced two solutions that will assist companies in collecting data generated by smart machines, while reinforcing the protection of these systems against external attacks.

The first solution goes by the name of Cyber ​​Vision, which is within the company's portfolio for Industrial IoT (IIoT). The system performs real-time monitoring of cyber security threats to industrial assets and processes.

It also creates segmentation policies and is able to prevent lateral movement of threats, making the operation more secure against intrusions.

Edge Intelligence was developed to overcome another challenge that arises with the growth of digital machines: the governance of the information generated.

It streamlines data delivery to destinations on multicloud and on-premise in order to improve an organization's competitiveness and help companies better manage data in all crucial aspects of the machine's duty cycle.

 “Organizations need to have complete visibility into the most diverse network environments in order to protect their industrial advantages, reduce the risks of cyber threats and optimize industrial processes", explains Liz Centoni, senior vice president and general manager of Cloud, Computing and Cisco IoT.

The company has been investing in several fronts to guarantee its place during the transition between technologies. In December, the company introduced the Cisco Silicon One to the market, a solution that serves both the switching and routing markets, by providing systems, architectures and software compatible with both technologies.

With the new solution, the company believes it is able to help build a new internet, the potential of which will be possible to identify after the consolidation of the 5G connection technology.