Operational Excellence

The 6 Best Practices for Achieving Operational Excellence

Oct 11, 2018 | 1131 views

Operational excellence is achieved when the company is able to optimize processes and results and reduce business risks. Bringing operational excellence to your organization requires a coordinated collective effort, which will always be well rewarded.

Do you want to take your company to the level of operational excellence, but do not know where to start? So stay tuned in this post and follow the best practice tips to drive your business toward this goal:

1. Have a strategic direction
Your company needs to know the movements of the competition, understand, follow and even anticipate the changes of the economy, the market and the technologies, in short, be aware of all internal and external factors that favor or influence the success of your business.

Mapping the business context is the essential step in determining a strategic direction for your company. It is he who will guide all the operational actions of your business to minimize risks and optimize opportunities.

2. Align strategic direction and resources
Align the human, technological, material and financial resources to your strategic direction, in order to obtain the best results - quality products and services, satisfied customers, adequate profitability, increasing competitiveness, sustainability and business continuity.

3. Manage processes
Document, automate, and streamline organizational processes to reduce the cycle of generating results and minimizing expenses. Have metrics to see if the results achieved are going as planned and otherwise be able to act in a timely manner to reverse adverse situations and meet established goals.

4. Invest in technology resources
Investing in technological resources is paramount to ensure a smooth flow of processes, communications and information. Technological solutions can be developed for the existing business model, ensuring maximum efficiency and meeting specific needs.

Technology resources increase the productivity of your team and contribute significantly to reducing operating costs. In a competitive market, technology is a great ally to get out the front.

5. Empower your team
Your team needs to keep abreast of business management technologies and methodologies and best operational practices to overcome market challenges and assist senior management in meeting business goals.

6. Add value to your products and services
When a customer perceives value in an organization's products and services, they feel satisfied, loyal, and even propagate the company's image. To reach this level, study and implement projects for continuous improvement of products and services.

In this way, operational excellence is achieved through a set of good practices, which need to be incorporated into the daily activities of the company, in order to become an integral part of the organizational culture and be a constant and permanent movement.

Once operational excellence is achieved, it must be maintained and, incredible as it may seem, even improved. After all, business management technologies and methodologies evolve continuously.