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Robot dog promises efficiency and security in order delivery

Jan 14, 2019 | 214 views

German company Continental is known for suppliers of tires and automotive articles. At the CES 2019 technology fair in Las Vegas, a product took people to take advantage of the brand: an autonomous robot dog that promises to deliver orders efficiently and safely in a smart city.

According to Continental, the project is distributing one last edition of the company - delivering the packaging, if possible, into the hands of customers.

Still with no market data, robots are much smaller than standalone cars and were designed to move with agility, like real dogs.

In this way, the "dogs" can enter the houses to make deliveries while the Continental Urban Mobitily Experience (CUbE) stand-alone vehicle remains parked nearby with all the outstanding packages of the day.

"With the increasing popularity of online shopping and increasing megacities, unique package delivery solutions will be needed. Unmanned vehicles combined with delivery robots may be the perfect answer," said Jeremy McClain, director of systems and technology of Continental, in a press release.

Critics of The Verge said the robot is a "very strange" parcel delivery, but they praised Continental's technology.