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Uber tests code system to hitchhike in very crowded places

May 13, 2019 | 3301 views

Anyone who has needed to use Uber arriving from a trip at an airport knows that this can be a big headache. In addition to the traffic that this generates on the spot, many other people are having the same difficulties in doing the same thing, not to mention that the driver kills himself to find who called his ride.

This will make it easier for passengers to leave places with a high concentration of people and will eliminate the time to wait for the car and stay looking for what is your right ride

To try to dodge these problems, Uber started testing a job at Portland International Airport: Instead of getting your cell phone and hitching the application, you just have to get to a defined area of ​​the company and pick up the first car that will be there available. The user will then provide a six-digit code to the driver and check, in the app itself, if the information about him and the car hit.

Fleeing from the devil
This will make it easier for passengers to get out of crowded places, and it will eliminate time waiting for the car and looking for the right ride. If the tests are successful at Portland airport, the system will be taken to other airports in the United States and later in other countries.

Uber has already tested this system on other occasions, but deploying it permanently is always a complication, since the company depends on having available an area to keep drivers on standby to carry arriving passengers